we support companies to master the challenges of digitalization and to overcome the innovators dilemma

With Innovation & Excellence we share our experience of years in digital project business to support Companies with well known practices to master the challenges of digitization. Innovation & Excellence supports Industries to become part of the digitale age

Manuel Fischer

Managing Director

With Innovation & Excellence, we accelerate businesses into a digital world. Therefore we live digitalisation and digital business models and offer deep insights how to master the networked world. Our customers benefit from our passion to adopt to their challenges.

Prof. Tim Bruysten


Guiding Business into a Digital World

Strategy Consulting

Anamnesis, Scenarios and Market-Analytics of Digital Products, Services and Businesses. Strategies for digital Customers and networked Markets.

Product Design

Development & Design of Digital Products & Services that can be integrated into the digital and gamified Customer Journey to maximise Customer Experience and the CLV.


Installation of Structures and Abilities: We enable the people and teams of a company to be innovative and wise about methods and powerfull with skill.

Executive Coaching

Coaching and Advisory for Executives to be powerful and influential in an digital age and networked markets.

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old”

— Peter F. Drucker


Capabilities of digital business models

Digitalisation is about automation, scalability, acceleration, asynchroniticity, realtime. What’s your turn in this?

risks and chances inside the Digital Technologies

Technologies are transforming the way we live, we work and we do business. And they are doing this faster than ever in history.

strategies and targets inside the digital world

Digitalisation changes the game in red oceans and create tons of new blue oceans. Take your chances in the reconfiguration of the markets.

know how to takle digital business’ risk and chances

Clarity is needed. What are your chances, what are your risks in taking on digital and networked markets.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Getting Things Started


Our Trainers deliver high quality information on specific toppics. Trainings are the best format, if competences of participants as well as the goals are clear and congruent.


Workshops are best, if you want to find something out. We provide the agenda, moderation and structure. We inspire with BestCases and navigate you around the WorstCases.


Camps are about creative mastery. They are best, if situations are unclear of highly complex. We provide the organisation, we route the team around obstacles and enable a creative atmosphere.

Acceleration Hubs

With accelerations Hubs you get in touch with your crowd directly … to get their inspiration … their know how … and  their way to solve your problems. Every Hub provides insights and a reliable foundation to work with new technology and new markets


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Prof. Tim Bruysten